This website chronicles the restoration of my bike, a 1982 Honda Goldwing Aspencade .

The bike hadn't run in a few years, the front and rear calipers stick, and she's pretty corroded. I replaced the belts, checked the compression (all cylinders were within spec), rebuilt the carbs, fixed the tailpipes, cleaned up a LOT of rust, and polished a lot of chrome, removed a ton of weight in the form of chrome plated steel accessories (every accessory available for the 1982 Goldwing it seems), and reassembled.

Here's what she looks like a finished:

Here's the bike during the restoration in 2006.

I pulled the bags, trunk, light bar, and rear fender off the bike.

The light bar will probably need re-chromed, if I decide to put it back on the bike.

I did some pretty major disassembly over the last few weeks:

Here she is cleaned up quite a bit